Own A Laundromat? 4 Reasons Why You Should Upgrade Old Equipment

16 March 2018
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If you own your own laundromat and the equipment you currently have is old, you need to upgrade everything. This could be front load washers, feeders, irons, washer-extractors, and dryers. This will allow you to run your business without having any problems with the equipment. This upgrade also offers many other benefits, four of which are listed below.

Offers Higher Quality

Current laundry equipment is made of higher quality materials and parts when compared to older equipment. Technology is available that was not in the past, which improves the way the equipment works. For example, the washing machines will clean clothes, linens, etc. much better.

For commercial dryers, many have an ironing setting which will help your items come out with no wrinkles. This can save your customers a lot of time.

Saves Money

New laundry equipment is more efficient. Washers and dryers perform faster cycles, which reduces the amount of energy the machines use. This results in savings on your monthly electric bill.

Newer equipment also uses less water to get the items just as clean as the older equipment, which saves money on your monthly water bill.

When you upgrade, the new equipment will cost more money upfront, but over time you will save enough money to make the extra costs worth it.

Satisfies Your Customers

Your customers will be happy when they see that you have upgraded all your washers, dryers, and other equipment. These upgrades directly affect the people that use the machines, and they may tell other people of your laundromat.

If there are laundromats near you, their customers may choose to come to your place of business instead to use the new equipment.

Offers Better Aesthetics

When customers walk through your door and see new equipment, this will make your business feel professional and clean. This also gives customers a good first impression of your business. You can make other changes, such as upgrading the flooring, tables, and paint to make the aesthetics even better.

Hire a cleaning company to clean your laundromat weekly or a few days a week. This will ensure it stays clean and that your new equipment will stay looking new.

Talk with a laundry distributor like SLM Corp in your area about getting new machines. They can give you many more details of what they can offer you. They can also go over different types of equipment they have available to help you stay within your budget.