5 Things You Can Do To Pinpoint A Leak In Your AC Window Unit

5 September 2017
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A leak inside a window unit is one of the most common causes of air conditioner malfunctions. Any leak will make it more challenging for the unit to cool and transport air into an interior. Fortunately, you can troubleshoot air conditioner component malfunctions by inspecting to find the location of a leak that's detracting from the efficiency of your window unit. 

The following are five things you can do to pinpoint a leak in your AC window unit:

Check to see if your air conditioner is tilted so that water flows outside

A proper window unit installation will capitalize on gravity to keep moisture from penetrating the inside of a home. Leaks are often caused by improper installation of a window unit.

Remember the window unit should always be tilted slightly toward the outside. This will allow fluid to drip outside of the home rather than coming back into the room and dripping on the floors of the interior. 

Inspect the drain hole and check for any blockages

If the drain hole of a unit becomes blocked, fluid will build up in the unit until it overflows and begins to leak out. 

Inspect the exterior of the unit to locate the drain hole. If it is clogged with debris, the clog can easily be cleaned out to restore proper functioning of the unit and repair the leak. 

Make sure there are no ruptures in the framework seal

Over time, the framework seal of a window unit can become damaged due to everyday wear and tear. This can cause a leak to develop because of condensation that builds up when warm, humid air outside mixes with the cool conditioned air on the interior of the unit. 

Framework seal ruptures can be repaired by being patched up, or the framework seal can be entirely replaced to stop the leak.  

Check the internal drains on the inside of the unit and clean out any debris or clogs

If you cannot locate the leak by inspecting the outside of the unit, the cause of the problem may be the internal drains. The internal drains can become clogged so that water backs up and begins to overflow by leaking out of the unit.

This problem can be remedied by thoroughly cleaning off the internal drains to remove any debris. 

Look at the coils and check if ice is building up around them

Leaks can occur because ice is building up on the coils when the AC unit is in operation and then melting when the unit is off. Ice buildup indicates that the unit is malfunctioning and working inefficiently, so it generally requires servicing by an HVAC technician.